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What is Drag Fishing and how to set the Drag

You have thrown the line, attracted a fish with a lure, received a bite, and fixed the hook. The time has come to reel the fish in. A damaged line is the very last thing you want to encounter while trying to fish. By understanding how to set drag on your fishing reel, you may totally avoid the majority of breaks during drag fishing.

Drag fishing – what is it? Simple terms, you will most certainly alter the drag at a certain stage if you’re using a fishing rod and reel configuration rather than, say, pole fishing or trawling with a net.

With fishing reels, the drag is only a pair of friction surfaces. The reel spins backward and releases the line if the fish pulls on the line vigorously enough to overcome the friction, which prevents the line from breaking. A fishing reel’s drag should be set before making the first cast of the day. While battling a fish, it can be challenging to adjust it. Additionally, drag fishing equipment shouldn’t often be modified during use, thus doing so may cause harm.

It is simplest to test the drag on a spinning reel or spin cast reel by pulling on your line just above the reel with your hand.

If the lines falls out too quickly, tighten the drag on your spinning wheel by turning the front drag adjustment button a few clicks to the right. Turn the crank a few ticks to the left to loosen the drag if it’s too tight. An adjustment mechanism for the top set rollers drag is typically present in closed face spin cast variants.

The very same principles apply when adjusting drag on traditional reels as when adjusting drag on bait caster reels. Its position of the drag adjustments is the sole distinction. The drag component is star-shaped and situated adjacent to the reel on the majority of bait caster reels. Rotate the reels right to tighter the drag and left to relax it, much like the other reels.

Instead of testing the drag with your bare fists when using braided fishing line instead of filament, you should wrap the line many times around the handle of your fishing pliers or a pencil. If you pull on the braid too hard, it will cut directly through your fingertips.

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Fishing is a hobby for those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of computers, mobile games, and work. You can use your free time for this, but fishing is a matter of being well-patient. Imagine being able to catch a fish with your own bait and eat it ..!

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